Wednesday, September 4, 2013

500cc Harley Davidson expected soon

If you like a Harley Davidson but find their large design and equally large engines are too much for you, then do I have news for you.

In keeping with the times of efficiency and economy and following the trend of vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, Harley Davidson, of all manufacturers, have produced a 500cc 'lightweight' model.

I predict that the 500cc model will experience good sales as many newbies who progress into the world of Harley Davidson will associate with the model which assumingly will cater for the less experienced or female rider.

Harley Davidson's Chief Operating Officer Matthew Levatich explains that their 500cc model is in a late phase of development and features a low seat height, responsive brakes, and is nimble and lightweight.  Characteristics one does not usually associate with a Harley Davidson. 

The model will be built in India where it is expected to sell well thanks to the countries fascination with the motorcycle or rather need for the motorcycle/scooter but will be brought to European, American Asian and perhaps even African markets I am sure.

If this comes as a shock to you then you wont believe that Matthew also mentioned Harley Davidson would be seriously considering an electric model for the near future. However those in the industry would say it is only a matter of time anyway.

Imagine an electric Harley Davidson? Biker gangs will have to come up with other ways of announcing their arrival, perhaps automatic machine gun fire, as there wont be any V-Twin roar to rely on. Yeeehaaaa the times are changin now boi.

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