Monday, September 2, 2013

MotoGP: Lorenzo holds off Marquez in thrilling Silverstone race

In yesterday’s MotoGP, Silverstone played host to a fantastic battle between the best riders in the world. Often criticised for delivering boring races, MotoGP showed fans around the world what these athletes are capable of.

Marc Marquez has taken to the top step of motorcycle racing in spectacular fashion, winning four races in a row in his rookie year, something nobody has achieved before. He is an exceptional talent although some would say his Honda is equally exceptional.

I agree, the Honda is a level above the rest of the machinery in pit lane, however that does not mean that victory will come easy as proven in yesterday’s race. Nevertheless let’s no forget that the 20 year old Marc, dislocated his collarbone in the Sunday morning warm up session. He was cleared by the medical centre to take part in the race later on that day, and take part he did.

Jorge Lorenzo stormed off into the lead from 3rd place on the grid to take the lead before the first corner.  He fought off the two charging Honda’s of Dani and Marc until the 2nd last lap where Marc passed Lorenzo at Brooklands only to see Lorenzo slip past under braking into Vale.

This did not deter Marc as he passed Lorenzo on the final lap at Brooklands once more. However Lorenzo managed to squeeze past mid-corner at Luffield with both bike making contact.

This spectacular display of skill at Silverstone saw Lorenzo win by just 81 thousandths of a second and entertained thousands of fans at the track.

Its racing like this that furthers the sport and attracts viewership. What will the next race be like? Let’s wait and see.  

1- Jorge Lorenzo
2- Marc Marquez
3- Dani Pedrosa
1st CRT
10- Aleix Espargaro

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