Thursday, September 12, 2013

MotoGP: Yamaha introduce seamless gearbox

In a press conference held this afternoon, Lorenzo said that they would be using their seamless gearbox at the Misano MotoGP. 

Although some have speculated that Yamaha might use the seamless gearbox, it has now been confirmed. The Repsol Honda's have had their own seamless gearbox for some time now and some riders say that it gives a noticeable advantage on race day. 

This should mean that the Yamaha's can now be slightly more competitive and take the championship battle right to the door of the Repsol Honda team, who up until the last race, seemed to be streaking ahead. 

Marquez still leads the championship and his health is improving as his shoulder injury heals.  

Valentino Rossi had the following to say about this weekends race: “We will try the new gearbox from tomorrow and we are so happy. For sure it is important, it is very good for the rider and a big help. Misano is a track on which you use the gearbox a lot, so we hope that will be a good advantage when fighting with the Hondas.”

Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha Factory Racing said the following about the seamless gearbox: “The transmission was brought in now] with the pressure from these two! But if it’s ready for Monday, it’s ready for now. We have a deficit to Honda and need to do everything we can to challenge them over these next six races.”

Rumors have also been circulating about whether or not Casey Stoner will make a return to MotoGP as he is currently testing with the Repsol Honda team. Suppo said: “Of course, when you speak about Casey everybody is interested in knowing if he will be back one day, but there is nothing more to it at the moment. He is enjoying it [testing] and for sure for any manufacturer something like this is a dream for testing. We are very, very lucky. For sure, he loves riding the bike because you can’t replicate that. So he is happy to go there testing, no media attention or anything. I think he loved the competition but he just wanted to be in his kind of isolated world, and that is the case with the tests.”

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