Friday, October 4, 2013

Casey Stoner tests Honda production racer RCV1000R

The Twin Ring circuit in Montegi saw Casey Stoner test both the new RCV1000R production racer and the Honda RC213V recently. The RCV1000R will go on sale to satellite teams in next years MotoGP championship but before you think they wont be much more competitive than the current CRT bikes, Casey Stoner reported a minimal difference between the RCV1000R and the RC213V.

This is good news as it should help bunch up the pack, but Honda will ensure that their factory machine will have the edge, obviously.

The test was conducted back to back so his opinion will be accurate, another reason why it will be accurate is because this is Casey Stoner we are talking about, a favored ex MotoGP champion who is not afraid to speak his mind. Casey sure does posses a unique talent for riding motorcycles and it is a pity he left the chaotic world of GP racing so soon, who knows maybe we will see him return.

We look forward to seeing the RCV1000R in its final production specification.

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