Thursday, October 31, 2013

Suzuki Recursion turbo concept W/Video

Ahead of the Tokyo Motor expo, Suzuki have shared with us one of the concepts expected to make an appearance. Named the Recursion, this Suzuki features a turbo-charged parallel twin engine with a capacity of 588cc.

Power is expected to be around 100hp at 8000 rpm and torque figures are suggested to be 100nm which is impressive given the output.

However we all know that turbo's don't usually give a motorcycle the best riding characteristics, you would expect turbo lag and zero power and then when the turbo spools up you have too much power and the front lifts up, making the bike edgy to ride, but Suzuki claim the Recursion is built to be efficient and have a smooth power delivery.

This means that the turbo is purely there to make the Recursion super fuel efficient and produce relatively little top end, but that sounds like a fantastic idea to me.

Weight is a claimed 174kg and judging by the pictures, other features include wavy disc brakes, a single sided swing arm and special touch sensitive switch gear.

C'mon Suzuki lets see it on the roads soon, I for one cannot wait to see what turbo-charging can do for the world of motorcycles.

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