Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Valentino Rossi's earnings

Forbes has released the top 10 highest paid motorsport professionals seen below for 12 months ending in june 2013:

1. Fernando Alonso, F1. Total earnings $30m (salary/winnnings $28m; endorsements $2m)
2. Lewis Hamilton, F1. Total earnings $27.5m (salary/winnnings $26m; endorsements $1.5m)
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr, NASCAR. Total earnings $26m (salary/winnnings $13m; endorsements $13m)
4. Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR. Total earnings $24m (salary/winnnings $17.3m; endorsements $6.7m)
5. Valentino Rossi, MotoGP. Total earnings $22m (salary/winnnings $12m; endorsements $10m)
6. Tony Stewart, NASCAR. Total earnings $18.5m (salary/winnnings $12.5m; endorsements $6m)
7. Jeff Gordon, NASCAR. Total earnings $18.2m (salary/winnnings $12.7m; endorsements $5.5m)
8. Sebastian Vettel, F1. Total earmings $18m (salary/winnnings $17m; endorsements $1m)
9. Danica Patrick, NASCAR. Total earnings $15m (salary/winnnings $6m; endorsements $9m)
10. Jenson Button, F1. Total earnings $14m (salary/winnnings $14m)

Rossi comes in at 5th place however he is the only professional motorcycle racer to make the cut. All those 46 yellow flags, caps and t-shirts seen at races all over the world seem to be paying off as can be seen in the amount he makes in endorsements alone.

If you're a Rossi fan and someone is criticizing his abilities, just remind them that he couldn't give two pieces of Sh#* 

If I were earning that much I would race around at the back of the pack on a monkey bike with a few naked ladies in hot pursuit, he would probably get better viewership anyway. 

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